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General Contract

A Splash Of TLC Mobile Pet Grooming Contract

Your best friend is very important to us. A Splash of TLC, LLC. assures every effort will be made to make your pet’s grooming experience as safe, stress free, and pleasant as possible. Please carefully read the following. By hiring our services you agree to our policies and acknowledge that payment is due upon completion of pet grooming services, including special handling requirements, de-matting charges, etc. and pricing which is subject to change.

Current Vaccinations/Veterinarian Information:

Proof of current rabies, parvovirus, and distemper vaccinations must be provided before grooming will occur. If your pet is unable to receive vaccinations for medical reasons then special circumstances can be discussed with the groomer for consideration.

Health or Medical Problems & Senior Pets:

Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful, especially for a senior pet or pet with health problems, and can expose hidden medical problems or aggravate a current one during or after the groom. Because senior pets and pets with health problems have a greater chance of injury, these pets will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort, in styles that will not add to their stress. If this cannot be done then in the best interest of your pet, this agreement gives A Splash of TLC, LLC., permission to stop the service and recommend that a vet groom your dog.

Mat Removal:

Pets with matted coats need extra attention and care during their grooming session. Mats left in a pets coat only grow tighter, and can damage the pet's skin, or eventually tear it open which in turn may cause a variety of skin issues including parasite infestation, hot spots, excessive itching, cut off blood circulation that can cause bruising, and hematoma’s if there is matting on the ears. Heavy matting can also trap moisture and urine near the pet's skin allowing mold, fungus or bacteria to grow, causing skin irritations that existed prior to the grooming process. Mats can be very difficult to remove, and there is a de-matting charge of $1 per minute or $60 per hour. Shaving will only be done as a last resort and we will make our best attempt to contact before shaving your pet. When shaving is necessary, risks of nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles or skin folds trapped in the mats. Possible after effects of shaving mat removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions and failure of the hair to regrow. Shaved pets are also prone to sunburn and should either have sunscreen applied daily or should be kept out of the sun until the hair grows sufficiently to protect the skin. In some cases pets may also exhibit brief behavioral changes. Prevention is the best defense against matting by scheduling regular grooming and bath appointments, usually every 4-8 weeks is recommended.

Bringing Beauty & Flair with Tender Loving Care


Although we use extreme caution and care there is always the possibility an accident can occur during your pets grooming session. Grooming equipment is sharp and can cut, nick, and scratch, your pet when he or she is wiggling or moving around. Your pet’s safety and comfort is our #1 priority. In the event an accident occurs you will be notified as soon as possible. If A Splash of TLC, LLC feels it is serious enough and the owner is not on-site or cannot be contacted immediately we will attempt to seek medical treatment at your authorized veterinarian or if not readily available A Splash of TLC is authorized to use a veterinarian of its choice. Reimbursement for such care will be at the discretion of A Splash of TLC, LLC.


 If fleas or ticks are found on your pet during the grooming process, your pet will be treated with a flea and tick shampoo to kill the parasites and to maintain salon sanitation. The shampoo is gentle, non-alkaline, and hypoallergenic. There will be a $25 non-negotiable fee added to your bill if fleas are found. If ticks are found, we strongly suggest you have your pet tested for Lyme disease. Please note that parasites are a health hazard to your pet as well as to humans.


We will make very attempt to arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time. However certain situations occur that will disrupt the daily schedule. This may include traffic, weather, mechanical difficulties, more time spent with a younger, older, or difficult dog. A call or text will be made advising of arrival times when schedules change beyond our control. **Note** The dog’s safety will never be compromised by rushing to meet a schedule.

No Show & Cancellation Policy:

We understand that schedules can change and cancellations happen. If you must cancel, we ask that you give as much notice as possible, preferably at least 48 hours. Chronic cancellations will result in the inability to book future appointments and a cancellation fee of up to the amount of grooming will apply. If we arrive and not able to access your home or pet (this will be considered a No Show) you may be subject to a trip fee up to $75. Last minute cancellations are subject to a $50 FEE PER PET which will need to be paid within 24 hours. Future appointments will not be made unless there is a zero balance owed. Please respect our time as we respect yours by calling as soon as possible


Payment is due upon completion of the grooming. Forms of acceptable payments are credit card, check, and cash. All invoices, receipts, etc. will be emailed only within 24 hours. There is a $45 return check fee. No refunds will be given.

Bringing Beauty & Flair with Tender Loving Care


This form authorizes A Splash of TLC, LLC., to take photos of your pet for our files as well as the company website and all social media platforms. All photos taken are property of A Splash of TLC, LLC.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

By hiring our services you (or your Agent) agree to hold A Splash of TLC, LLC., its owners, operators, employees, officers and directors harmless from any damage, loss, or claim arising from any condition of the pet, either known or unknown to A Splash of TLC, LLC. It is also further understood and agreed the terms of this agreement can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all prior contracts or releases. It is further understood this clause applies to any and all pets groomed. I have read and agree to the policies of A Splash of TLC, LLC.

Damages and Injuries:

A Splash Of TLC, LLC does its best to ensure the safety and health of not only their clients, their clients pets but also their employees. By hiring our services you agree that in the event of your pet injuring a staff member you will be liable for all costs incurred

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